Monday, March 7, 2011


Where are the e-photobooks? There has been a lot of discussion about the future of the photobook, but then why is there no e-books that focus on the art of photography? As I have been spending a fair amount of time creating a new photobook of my own work, it has dawned on me that maybe I should be creating an e-book.

I know all the arguments for the creation of photography books. But now with the advent of devices like the iPad, why not have e-books that can be held and have a similar intimate experience as holding a book? The aesthetics of this medium is yet to be explored, to my knowledge.

I am not sure of the business for e-photobooks, but why can they not be similar to any other e-book that is sold? There may be a new audience for this type of photography. The traditional photography book is a very personal experience that the viewer has with the work. The e-photobook can have a similar experience and maybe even an expanded shared experience as the e-photobook is 'sampled' when e-mailed to friends and family.

As photographers and photobook makers, we need to begin to explore the current and future technology of publishing. As we have seen the change in the written word moving to new platforms, the photograph must follow. Digital photography is the perfect source to move in this direction. It is not an either or, but both. Print and e-book. Let there be e-photobooks.